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Dubai city: relax and escape from stress at work

Dubai city: relax and escape from stress at work

The description :

Dubai is the biggest city of the Emirate States. Located on the Persian Gulf, it is the capital of emirate of Dubai, and has more than one million inhabitants. This is an awesome city with disproportionate skyscrapers with the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world with 828meters. In Dubai, no season for skiing, indoor ski track is available, you will go from 40° to -2°. This small ski resort has 5 pistes for a total of 400 meters of slopes. In this snowhall there are 2 ski lifts and all the equipment is rented to you. It is easy to move with several means of transport, with the underground, bus and taxis.


Attraction, something to do : 
Formula Rosa is a roller-coaster and it has opened to the public since the 4 November 2010, it won the world speed record of rollers-coasters with 240km/h.
The Burj al-Arab has the most luxurious hotel in the world. Measuring 321 meters, it was designed in 1993 on an artificial iseland, it has the skape of a giant
Review from :
comment by: monpsedoesttroplongpourquesarentredanslalignezivasamefaittropchierdesbulles
-Dubaî is probably the most impressive city in the world. Everything is totally disproportionate and huge. Dubaî is just wonderland
comment by:lamadupote55
-The fomula rossa is just extrordinary !!!
comment by:TheBoBdu74
-wild wadi water is the biggest water park in the world. It is immense. It is also probably the best water park of the world. There are hundreds of activities. It is beautiful and very decorated.
comment by:SiSilapatrik
-Even if you do not want to go shopping do not pass by without entering ! Ideally tracted next burj Khalifa and fontains … an impressive number of shops on several floors, it is a maze !The aquarium is beautiful and the ice rink too !
-Big if you do not know or watch ! but to see  everything is surprising stores are ranging from the mudane to the extrordinary.
do not miss it

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